Vom Song zum Hit

Vom Song zum Hit

Aus Songs werden Emotionen.
Aus Emotionen werden Hits.




  • Chinatown

Decked in black masks and fearless in their studio execution, Mysterious UK duo Wh0 have been seducing some of music’s biggest players. The context of this curious duo is blissfully limited. Turning the music world on its head with their own vivid concoction of grooving music with a playful spirit, the young act doesn’t want you to know what they look like, where they’re from or what their favourite colour is.

They do care about making timeless and titillating club records and are unarguably proficient in that department. Formed in 2018, the duo has wasted little time in rubbing shoulders with the upper echelon of electronic talent. Wh0 are confidently marking a much-deserved space in the global market.

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